Situated in Johannesburg, Rosebank is a vibrant multi-cultural district, business node and tourist attraction. Rosebank is one of a kind in that it has effectively combined a successful commercial node within a pleasant working, shopping and entertainment environment. Due to its compact size, visitors, residents and workers are able to walk the area, enjoying the outdoors atmosphere, en route to their destination.

Rosebank is the place for all people coming to Johannesburg if you want to experience a true feeling of the cosmopolitan, multicultural life of South Africa. Experience alternative shopping and a myriad of entertainment. The Rosebank Mall weekly hosts the famous Craft market and the African Curio Market on a daily basis.

Rosebank is situated centrally in the older and up-market Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. It is adjoined to Sandton and the Gautrain. We are within walking distance of the Art Nevoux Theatre, Cinemas, and Art & Culture Galleries, Shopping Centres, Bars, Clubs and all means of transport.
We have had the pleasure of servicing our travellers for more than 11 yrs. Our super friendly staff will support you and make sure you are secure and safe 24 hours a day. The ancient local flora makes you feel welcome and chilled.

Spend time on our Patio overlooking our garden with its 100 + year old trees, enjoying laid-back late afternoons where you can join other travellers for a drink, a meal or a braai (BBQ) You will find just about everything you need, from a Tour and Travel desk to an Outdoor Terrace to soak up the rays. Novels can be exchanged, a communal kitchen is open to all, Telephone, fax, WIFI and internet access will allow guests to hook up on line.
Rosebank Backpackers

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